Want the best? Call Chicks With Sass Phone Sex Numbers

Want the best? Call Chicks With Sass Phone Sex Numbers

When it comes to chicks with sass phone sex numbers, I can tell you that few companies can match the services these folks provide.

I got involved as a chicks with sass phone sex girl out of necessity really.  A couple of years ago, as a young mother of an 14 year old child, I needed to bring some extra cash into the household but wasn’t all that keen on having to leave my child into someone else care whilst going to out to work and so, when I found out, quite by accident, that I could work at home, and at my leisure and earn a living providing chicks with sass cheap phone sex without having to go out into the job market, I said to myself that I would give this a go and see if:

a. I liked this type of job

b. I was any good at it, and

c. I could make any money from it.

Two years on, and as it turns out, the answer to each one of these question is a resounding yes, and if you want to know the truth, I am really surprised that I responded in the affirmative to the first two questions.

Phone sex is an intriguing specialty. I call it such because it is not just another job where you do what you’re supposed to do and when your shift is done, you stop and get back to your life.

Working in this industry, and hearing about the multitude of fantasies that people have can change a person, or at least alter his/her perceptions of life.

For me, the most relevant part of talking about sex with people I have never met, and sharing with these people some of their wildest fantasies and brought into my life a certain humility that whilst there are fantasies that I will never accept to talk about, for the most part, fantasies are as intriguing as they can be, and ultimately become a part of a person’s life, without even realizing it.

Do you want an example?  I am by nature your typical soft spoken woman who values peace above all else, even if that means that I sometimes walk away from fights, just because I don’t much care for them.  Phone sex has revealed a side of my character that has surprised myself, and my husband.  I can be a real dominatrix and that side of myself has surfaced because of phone sex.

chicks with sass phone sex numbers

Earning a living with ChicksWithSass Cheap Phone Sex

Earning a living with ChicksWithSass Cheap Phone Sex

I read once that the online adult industry rakes in billions of dollars in revenue on a yearly basis. That is probably true because sex is one of the pillars of our civilization.  Let’s be honest here… Without sex, we wouldn’t be here and nature, wise as it is has recognized that unless sex was a great way to spend time, leading to the ultimate pleasure to (hopefully) everybody who engages in it, then this “experiment” would ultimately fail.  And thus we, as a society, search for ways to make our own sexual experience more pleasurable, more fulfilling.

As a woman, and a young woman at that, I had always thought that sex was straightforward.  Desire came, you consumed, had fun and then that was it. And then I became a chickswithsass cheap phone sex “girl” and it dawned on me that when it came to sex, imagination was as powerful as anything, in fact, in some cases even more powerful then the real thing!

Of course I am not advocating that you should give up your relationship and only rely on chickswithsass phone sex for your sexual needs but phone sex, and the idea of talking to a stranger about one’s most private and personal fantasies can literally lead to an explosion of the senses.  I never thought that sexual release would be possible that way, and yet, it is, for me as much as for my callers.

All kinds of people call my chickswithsass phone sex numbers. The vast majority are single men with too much libido on their hands and they tell me, its a whole lot cheaper and more satisfying to have phone sex with me then it is to try and get a date in a bedroom.


I am a Phone Sex Chick with Sass

I am a Phone Sex Chick with Sass

If you’re a stay at home mom, taking care of young children, all you do is making sure that your kids are as happy as you can make them. There was a time when common wisdom dictated that Dads as the bread winners had to go out to work whilst Moms, as moms (!) stayed at home to look after the kids, the house, the cooking etc…  Back in the days, a family with one working parent could get along with just the one income, but of course these days are now far gone and more often than not, modern families need to have the income of both parents to break even, let alone get ahead.

As a woman of the 21st century, becoming pregnant was a huge issue for me because it put into questions my personal aspirations with regards to my career.  How would I be able to further myself in my chosen field if I had to look after my children.  Of course, the perception among friends and colleagues alike was that I would be able to afford help, and that with a little jugling, I might be able to combine both:  the job of a mom and my career.

Nine months of pregnancies is as long a time as it is short but it does provide you with an opportunity to listen to what your body and ultimately conscience dictates and in my cases, I quickly realized that if I was bringing kids into this world, I might as well do everything in my power to make sure that theirs would be a successful life.  For me, that meant that I would take a sabatical, stay at home for the first year, taking care of my baby and myself and then, go back to work.

We all know how difficult going back to work can be though and thus it proved in my case as well. There was no job to go back to at my old place of employment and the job market had become that more competitive. I remember interviews after interviews where an issue was raised with regards to the age of my kid, my own age and the expectation that I would want another and finding a job became a heart wrenching endeavor.

chickswithsassGoing back from one such interview, I stopped by my local coffee shop and sat next to this guy who was designing a website.  He was a young fellow, and the way he was sitting down was such that he was trying to hide the content of the website he was designing.  But you know how a woman’s antennas perks up when faced with something someone is trying to hide from her and it wasn’t long before I found out that he was designing a site for the chickswithsass phone sex. To say that this was unexpected would be far removed from how I felt when I saw that, but curiosity of a young woman being what it is, I struck up a conversation with the young man.

Turns out that chickswithsass cheap phone sex was a thriving business and that the employees were self employed and working from home.  There were two chickswithsass phone sex numbers they were advertising and … “if I wanted, he could give me the telephone number of the owner to see if there was a position open for me.”

Guess what I did?